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Professional Consulting and Counseling

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Destination Success Mobile Consulting


Dr. ZA Holman & Associates is seeking funding to purchase and design a specialized mobile unit similar to a brick and mortar office.  Destination Success   mobile unit will be staffed with a full-time licensed counselor to provide therapy and educational services to underprivileged students.

Dr. ZA Holman specializes in academic counseling.

  • Elementary, middle and high school students;

  • Traditional and non-traditional college students

  • Graduate students 


She strives to empower students with tools and resources that will help them realize their academic goals and/or college aspirations.


Dr. Holman offers several academic counseling packages. Contact her for consultation and packages for elementary, middle, and graduate studentsand pricing. 


Comprehensive Package

High School Juniors & Seniors College Planning

Standard Services Package

High School Juniors & Seniors College Planning


Individual Services

High School Freshmen College Planning

High School Sophomore College Planning

College Planning